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120 years of Hotel Karl Noss

A hotel with tradition

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Tradition since 1895! Back when the Hotel Noss Cochem was first established, guests arrived by horse-drawn carriage. Much of what made us special 120 years ago has been retained today, coupled with a healthy dose of passion and hospitality.

One of the first addresses in Cochem

Cars first played an important role in people’s lives some 95 years ago. Suddenly mobile like never before, people began to travel! As one of the first hotels in Cochem, the Hotel NOSS suddenly became a destination for visitors from far and wide. Hotel porters welcomed guests at the entrance on the Moselstrasse.

Today, hotel porters are now absent from the promenade. Our guests no longer receive messages via telegram or listen to music with a gramophone (long since replaced by Wi-Fi, LCD TVs, etc), and Angela Merkel is now in power instead of Kaiser Wilhelm II. It’s safe to say that our hotel has seen plenty of change and yet it remains true to its heritage of heartfelt hospitality and tradition!

our hotel has seen plenty of change!

True to its heritage of
heartfelt hospitality and tradition!

Become a part of our history. We look forward to welcoming you! In the mean time, we hope these historical images will inspire you.