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Hotel Karl Noss

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Guest app

In our Guestfriend App you can find out about prices, excursion possibilities in the surrounding area and all this in a very uncomplicated way.

The Hotel Karl Noss offers you these pre-holiday functions in the Guestfriend app
  • Information about the hotel
  • Room and price overview
  • Offer overview
  • Booking form
  • Information about the region (excursion options, events, routes & tours)
  • The Guestfriend app as a travel companion

If you are already on site at the Hotel Karl Noss, the Guestfriend app becomes your travelling companion. Check the TV programme, book services or view Cochem's current shipping schedule.

We offer you these holiday functions in the Guestfriend app
  • Cancel room cleaning
  • Laundry service
  • Important addresses and telephone numbers (e.g. pharmacies and doctors)
  • Bus and boat timetables
  • Table reservations and restaurant recommendations
  • Television programme
  • Overview of current events in the region
  • Help with route and tour planning (hiking, mountain biking, city tours and much more)
  • Feedback function