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Hotel Karl Noss

A privileged location

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Our privileged, tranquil location just off the riverside promenade is the gateway to countless activities and a romantic holiday in ‘Cochem an der Mosel’.

Unimpeded views

The Hotel Karl Noss is located at the heart of it all. The path leading to the Reichsburg castle starts directly behind the hotel, the romantic old town is just minutes away, and the pier is located in front of the hotel. The charms of this place are palpable. The views of the Moselle river and the sun-spoiled vineyards will inspire and relax you.

Exciting attractions are just a stone’s throw away!

Hotel Karl Noss

Moselpromenade 17
56812 Cochem, Germany

Reichsburg Cochem

The largest castle on the Moselle river looms high above the town of Cochem.


Games, fun and adventure for the entire family There is plenty to see and do at the Klotten Game and Recreation Park.

Precious Stone Museum

Many precious stones can be found in the region and a visit to the museum is always worthwhile.

Cochem train station

The Hotel Karl Noss is located just minutes from the Cochem train station. 


The most impressive of the town’s remaining gates.


Pay a visit to the tourist info centre in Cochem to discover more about the countless activities to be enjoyed in the Mosel region.

Bunker Federal Bank

Once the most secure bank in Germany, at one time it protected 15 billion Deutsch Marks.

Moselle River cruise

Take part in a river cruise departing from the pier at the Hotel Karl Noss.

Cochem Chair Lift

Float 150 metres above the Moselle river with the Cochem Chair Lift.


The Mustard Mill in Cochem has produced its wares for over 200 years.


Accompany the night watchmen of Cochem as they make their rounds with halberd axe, horn and lantern through the medieval town centre.